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One of our activist * interior is on the Greek island of Lesbos and helps the support organization on a stretch of beach. The work is to work there fortunately regardless of large NGOs or Government agencies. For more information there are hopefully in the next few days with better Internet.

On the 28.Dezember, a small group of three people on the Greek island of Lesvos to Chios will break up.  For the days in Chios, we will be active together with our friend * inside of the support group of mosaic from Düsseldorf. We are also pleased that there will be a video documentation!

On the 09.Januar a larger group with donations again is on the way to Slavonski Brod in Croatia. We make this journey together with the Viking refugee support.

The refugee support tour as an association?
The refugee support's tour just in the midst of a transformation process. To be in the future an independent of larger organizations and to offer protection for our assets, we consider since longer to form a club. Currently we have ready written draft statute. We will choose well what happens next, next year.

Information event and solos concert
After we could make an info event last week with twenty visitors * inside (thanks for coming!), we will probably make the next February 2016 and combine that with a solo concert in the connection. Both will take place at the venue "for the future" on the Eastern cross together expected to.

Support us!
Of course we remain dependent on your support. If you want a ride, please report here. And we greatly appreciate every euro – if you would like to donate money, please click here.

Thank you for your donations and your interest!

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