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Balkan route

LiveTicker Balkans route

Balkan route info
Map specially for refugees about transportation routes on the Balkans.

Refugee help map
Overview map of relevant places on the Balkan route with description of the current situation

Refugee crisis map
Overview map-relevant places and support convoys and active group on the Balkan route

Pastebin-account Michal mountain
Daily status updates of relevant places on the Balkan route


Donations needed list emergency accommodation Berlin

Volunteer planner
Online planning tool for Freiwiligeneinsätze in shelters

Arriving in
Info map of refugees for refugees of relevant places in Berlin


Work for refugees
Free mediation between employers and refugees

Search and find your family
Group on facebook for refugees to search for members

Trace the face
Family search service of the Red Cross

Online portal to offer and search of supports in the respective local curse tête help

Link collection services for refugees
Pro Asyl has collected a large number of links for refugees in Germany

General Info for supporter * inside

Managing a crowd
Practical whistleblower for the organizing and managing person collections