Our dates until you reach the exit!

So slowly it is getting closer… That's why we want all moving to an information and networking meetings on the 1st Nov invite at 5: 00 in the premises of the national youth work. There, we will talk about vergagenen trips and give as an input to the situation on the ground, as well as give tips and hints. At the end to go to the networking – when driving with who brings what, etc.

On the 6 We want to invite you to a general information meeting that on which we tell our plans then all interested and can report on the situation on the ground (place to be announced).

Of the 09.11. you want to go then with a large passage at the Brandenburg Gate. We want to wed country send a clear signal against the current anti-mood and show that many people for refugees and for human rights – other than the States of the European Union and other than the parts of the population, for which a distinct Europe is important, as people to help. Invitations to the individual dates to follow!

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