PM01: Refugee support tour departs from Berlin in the Balkans

From the 08.11.2015, we will drive TOUR for a week from Berlin to the Balkans as a REFUGEE SUPPORT group to assist refugees there with donations and direct assistance. More than fifteen people join the convoy with more than five cars. In addition to much-needed supplies, we will support the auxiliary infrastructure on-site. It comes to show practical solidarity, the people whose fundamental rights have been disregarded by the European Union. We invite press representatives * inside and all interested to accompany our convoy on Sunday at 18: 00 of the country youth work, Otto-Marquardt-Straße 8 in Lichtenberg, solidarity and to adopt.

The EU does not fulfil its obligation to build a sufficient infrastructure. Instead of the public authorities, more and more voluntary and freely organized groups are responsible for supplying the refugees. We as a REFUGEE SUPPORT TOUR include us this grassroots movement to and practice hence criticism of the European border regime. Instead of foreclosure, it needs a humane asylum policy. Instead of hatred and incitement, it needs solidarity and the defence of human rights.

We invite all interested to a general information event on Friday, the 06.11.2015 at 19: 00 in the House of democracy and human rights. There refugees and volunteers are from the situation in the Balkans report, provide insight into the work of the support convoys on the ground and must learn to help the refugees from here. Also we appreciate cash donations to finance the journey and the purchase of food and other supplies for the refugees on site:

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