First deportations after EU-Turkey deal: report from Dikili (Turkey)

The report was authored by activist * inside the Turkish Dikili in English and distributed – thank you! Translation from us.

Today early in the morning about nine o'clock two boats from Lesbos in Dikili arrived – a few hours earlier, as officially announced. First came to the "Nazili Zale" at the pier, the refugees were individually brought out there, any * r guarded by security guards. For us, it has so looked as if there was no way to show resistance.

Many officials and politicians * indoor smiled in many cameras because the presence of international media was very high. One told us journalists that were critical journalist * inside not allowed to register. The police had prepared also, grilles, helicopters and water cannons, but expected any protest was unfortunately only slightly.

A ship from Chios was the last and the refugees had to wait hours in the vicinity of the port all vessels were cleared.

Lone protests protected by media coverage
It was later to show possible a few activist * inside of Izmir and a few locals protest banner. Our own banner "stop deportations. Open borders!"was removed by the police with a request that we should follow them. It was alone the large media presence, that we could oppose and remain under the protection of the media.

Apart from two people from Syria (which was said, they returned voluntarily) are all refugees from Algeria, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lank (136 66 from Chios and Lesbos).

Not far from on the other hand, on the pier of the Turkish coast guard, fifty who had fled to the waiting for further procedure. They were picked up in the morning by the Turkish coast guard when their boat began to sink. They came mostly from Bangladesh and Pakistan and were taken to the police station with buses. Due to today's media presence was to make it possible for photos and to observe the situation – usually this is absolutely forbidden.

Unknown transport
In the morning, it was still far from clear where deported people from Lesbos and Chios should be taken–even the Mayor of Dikili was not informed, as a journalist told us. Later, we got the information that all buses in a camp close to the Bulgarian border near Edirne ("Kirklareli Gazi Osman PASA") have been brought and they all will soon be deported to their countries of origin. A few of the media representatives * Interior followed the buses. It is unclear for us what is happening with the retarded people from Syria.

Nationalist protest in Dikili
Yesterday up to many people on the central square of Dikili the possibility used late in the evening, to make against the refugees mood – they even call the refugees 'terrorists' – this nationalist initiative had launched a call two days ago and many stores show this slogan in their window panes. That being said it was also possible some people to talk to us, who were dismayed by the EU-Turkey deal and Turkish politics.

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