PM02 refugee support tour after playing field/Sentilj started

The refugee support has since last Sunday night from Berlin on the way to the Austrian Slovenian border area close to the playing field/Sentilj tour. A total of 16 people are on the road with five cars and several hundred kilograms of relief supplies. Our group comprises twenty-late forties people from the very beginning, that have different backgrounds.

Fifteen activists have to today first Lichtenberg in Berlin on the way the border made the playing field between Austria and Slovenia, with their "refugees support tour" needed goods such as tents, to bring food and sanitary supplies to the refugees waiting. In addition to the five cars full aid they want to support also virtually the help infrastructure on-site. According to information from the activists on its Web site, has been mobilized for two weeks and already € 1,500 in donations collected, also over 80 people had come forward, which wanted to make donations or participate in the tour.
© Thorsten Strasas

For two weeks we had called to property and cash donations. Kindergartens brought just past donations, such as the free University and countless individuals. To this day €1500 arrived on the donations, we continue calling for donations. With the money we get urgently needed supplies and food on the spot.

Last planning before departure
Last planning before departure / / © Thorsten Strasas

In recent weeks, we have experienced incredible solidarity. Our page on facebook is called 30,000 times, over 80 people had contacted us through the Web site. From the whole Republic, signed up people who wanted to go with us. For us it is a sign of how big is the solidarity among the population with refugees. The racist "enemies of the asylum" dominate the public debate may now be, but only because they are loud but not more numerous than people, jointly support the refugees.

Granting of donations
Allow the donations / / © Thorsten Strasas

We're going to pitch, because in the so-called no man's land between Austria and Slovenia the refugees long must endure before they can move on and there is still no consistent support for them. Today, volunteers may enter the area, previously the Slovenian authorities had not approved it. We will bring us there as one of the first groups helping the refugees on the ground.

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