Thank you for your incredible solidarity

Donations, news, networking – the incredible solidarity in the run-up to our tour shows that very many people with refugee solidarity! The public debates though but not dominated by the enemies of asylum, because they many, but just because they are louder.

Two weeks ago began the mobilization of the refugee support tour – with each a call on facebook, twitter and email. We had thought that these calls find so much resonance. Over 80 people had enlisted since then through our Web site, because they wanted to make donations or even a ride. Our facebook page is called 30,000 times (!) in the last two weeks and many friendly people have provided us already €1500 on our donations account – the sum hopefully still continue to rise. Individuals donated some three-digit amounts! Kindergartens, universities and innumerable private persons had gathered winter clothes and brought them over, the camp when the land youth work bursting at the seams.

We got messages from people who wanted to go, to help the refugees in the Balkans from the whole Republic. There's already the idea to plan your next trip in December. At the same time, we networked us but also with numerous other initiatives that start a support convoy in these days. There should be at least a dozen groups, that there is up-to-date and make it publicly and still a variety of other groups and individuals who simply help without publicity locally.

The incredible great response to our call shows that there are very many people in Germany who worry not just about the fate of people who had fled, but also are willing to do something to support them actively.

Many people gave their donations in the country youth movement in the last few days
  Many people gave their donations in the country youth movement in the last few days

The need to do so is unfortunately ever more acute. Last week Greece Fährmitarbeiter * inside had been on strike. As a result, there was a veritable traffic jam before the Greek Macedonian border. Now the ferry again, this we must be probably in the coming days with a strong increase in the curse tête figures on the Balkan route. Also when individual States rudimentary efforts to improve the situation for the refugees at the cold temperatures – a hassle-free supply is still not everywhere guaranteed. That will not change probably unfortunately also, as long as you unfounded dominate the headlines and reports "concerned citizens" with their hasty baiting. Unfortunately is still one who is loud and angry, is rather perceived. Would be clearly the great sympathy and the enormous helpfulness of the other partly the population, perhaps even of the larger, finally, the enemies of the right of asylum and the humanity in the future not more easily on the partitioning of Europe could continue working.

Demonstration last month against the asylum law tightened

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