Short update! Calais, Slovenia, multilingual Web page, next tours

Our team, which was last week still in Serbia and Slovenia, is back again. The people will make you a background report about their experiences. Only just so much: they have got rid of all their donations, come back healthy and helped out at the end of the first tour, in Dobova.
Also, our team in Calais arrived and has conducted the first research for future missions. More can be found on our facebook page or on twitter at ago/refugeesupportcalais
In addition we can receive you this week with a multilingual Web site! With the country flags on the right can you switch between German, English and French. We ask still for indulgence, that the automatic translations to be still need to gespasst and therefore still krude Act.
Finally, it was already announced that we will be still active! It is planned a tour of late December, also mid-January and we try to be active on the ground in Berlin – after all people must freeze here just before the LaGeSo.
As a special highlight, we have the establishment of an association in the view of future infrastructure independent and legally protected work. The first tours to discuss and we will what happens next week. You can stay so curious, it moves a lot!

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