Short Info: #MarchofHope yesterday by Idomeni to Macedonia

UPDATE 16th: As well, we had many others taken over the info, in the March of hope had been to three people killed. The tragic deaths occurred but already a night earlier and offered the 14 March not in connection with the events. Her death shocked us still and we commemorate the three people.

Yesterday noon, several hundred people launched a #MarchofHope to Macedonia. Tired of the poor living conditions in Idomeni they went away in a westerly direction from the camp on the border.

They crossed a border (image gallery on North of the small Greek town of Chamilo. The Greek police tried to stop only the people, but then grant them. Three people from Afghanistan came to get killed tragically while trying on the other side of the river. Supporter * inside helped the people affiliated to cross the river. It is hoped that they must therefore expect no repression. On the other hand, however Macedonian police and Army stopped people. 70 supporter * Interior and journalist * inside were taken by the Macedonian police in custody and detained for hours. €260 you have to pay penalty for "Illegal border crossing".

The refugees were detained also over hours. There are reports of violence by the Macedonian police. Because the photojournalist * inside the police station were stuck, there are unfortunately no pictures.

After the refugees had to wait several hours in the no man's land, they have been scaled back to Greece by shielded military car. Here, most run back to camp at Idomeni.

There are allegations that the March would be initiated by volunteers. Even if it does that goes over to the actually problem: excludes the fortress Europe, the people due to their origin. If this continent fully would adapt its humanitarian responsibility and people, instead they vegetate, there should be no #MarchofHope. The blame lies on the situation and the plight of the people in the European fortress Europe policy and she must change urgently!

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