Statements on the events on Monday in Idomeni

Since Monday, we get messages that abuse us as murderers. What is happening from Idomeni are background, as several hundred refugees crossed the border into Macedonia. The charge was volunteers, they were responsible for the deaths of three who fled. Before we released a private statement to where we can determine that none of us there are and may have to do so also no one that we publish the statements of people who are on the ground and can clean up the many misinformation and defamation.


Translation of the original statments of the LiveTicker Idomeni

A few clarifications to the events of Monday, 14. March, when about 2000 who had fled from the camp Idomeni in Greece broke up after Macedonia/FYROM.

  • As reported by various media correctly about Balkan Newsbeat or, three deceased persons have been posted on the morning of 14 March to 6:45 at the police station in Gevgeljia (Macedonia). They were drowned in the Macedonian border of Suva Reka, 23 others were rescued.
  • These deaths occurred the night before the "March of hope". You were already on the morning before the March on the move, reported.
  • The March was not the route that was specified on the flyer. This flyer was allegedly been distributed before the March in the camp.
  • The flyer, we see got in the press after the March, contained false and misleading information. For example, that the probability was high that evacuated the camp at Idomeni and the refugees would be brought back to Turkey specified there. This information has been neither somewhere officially announced, yet somewhere confirmed.

We criticize the complete failure of the media the temporal sequence of events correctly stand near them, just like its faulty reporting. In addition, we veurteilen the supposedly distributed flyers as fear-mongering and misleading.

We would like to add that it is an insult to people who take their fate into their own hands and take the decision to start a March together, a flyer may be the cause of their decision making. Reasons to choose enough joint actions are the violence as a result of border closures in Idomeni and the pitiful living conditions there for the people. People run for months now together and defy the border regime, like in October in Serbia or in summer 2015 in Hungary. We encourage the media to focus that over 2000 people have launched a joint action to find their own way to Central Europe. And actually it is relevant that Macedonia/FYROM has returned these people by force and against the law without giving the possibility of them international protection to Greece to ask.


Translation of the original statement of the aid delivery mission

On Monday, the 14 March, moving a large group of refugees from the camp Idomeni to the Greek Macedonian border.

Volunteers from various organizations, including the aid delivery mission, were present when the group left the camp. At a meeting on the morning of the 14.03.2016 between non-governmental organizations and volunteers in the face of recent deaths after drowning in a nearby river, the danger of the planned March was found and measures discussed how he could be stopped.

The March led West of the border along the mountains to Idomeni. Volunteers informed the participants about the previous death toll as a result of drowning and the danger of their planned route. They began to support the vulnerable people at the March. The March reached a river, which had grown particularly due to the rain. The first refugees began to cross the fast-flowing river. It was obvious that it was impossible to stop the March. Some of the volunteers provided support in which they spontaneously formed a human chain across the River as a first precaution. The main crossing lasted over an hour, while volunteers were looking for at the shore. Volunteers supported the now cold and soaked people who crossed heavily passable terrain.

The aid delivery mission works in addition to non-governmental organizations and other organizations to provide support in Idomeni. This includes hot food, clothes, tents and blankets. The recently increasing number of refugees has pushed the portions of our warm meals on 9000 and in recent months we have aid for thousands. As long as people are instructed, we will make it continue.

As an independent volunteer group, we offer fast responsive assistance structure for a constantly changing situation.

The events of the 14 were represented differently. It is hard to believe and shocking to hear rumors that lets in oblivion get the services of volunteers and instead construct accusations that more heat up an already bad situation.

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